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Find out below some of the reasons why the UK continues to offer a potentially profitable property investment arena.

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Research And Information

Research And Information

Take a look at why United Kingdom has become so popular with property investors. Here you can learn what is fueling the investment boom and view information that will allow you to understand how this will be sustained in the future.

Property in carefully selected regions and cities of the UK is creating reliable opportunity to achieve strong long term returns on investment.

The United Kingdom is classed as a strong world economic leader and, despite the current slowdown in its property market, many investors are finding niche opportunities, often within the UK’s major cities, in which to make lucrative medium to long term investments.

Why Invest in the UK?

As a stable economic and political environment, the UK offers a relatively safe investment arena and high returns, particularly in the commercial buy-to-let sector. The United Kingdom is a nation rich in various cultural identities, as well as an abundance of natural beauty, attracting an ongoing influx of foreign visitors and property investors.

Natural and Cultural Factors

  • Verdant countryside, spectacular, snow-capped mountains, moorlands, beaches and lakes mean that the UK is a popular tourist and property destination
  • A charming and unique cultural heritage make many UK destinations popular year-round destinations for visitors from all corners of the globe
  • The UK’s well-developed, familiar property market boasting a huge range of off-plan and re-sale urban and rural properties, means that the UK has something to offer most investors
  • The UK is easily accessed via a large number of direct worldwide airline services to the nation’s major national and international airports

Economic Factors

  • Record rises in rental yields due to an increase in rental levels of 3.5% in the year to July 2007. Today UK rental yields average 6.4% per annum, offering steady income to add to capital growth upon eventual resale
  • Excellent off-plan deals with minimum “money-down” payment. With a slowdown in today’s property market, bargain prices are now widely available and many buyers see this as a strong opportunity to lock extra capital into their investments over the long term
  • Economic stability: a member of the G8, the UK economy continues to grow at and is forecast to expand by 2.1 this year (2008)
  • High demand for property creates a shortfall in supply levels, particularly in heavily populated areas


Carefully selected property in the United Kingdom can prove to be highly beneficial investment opportunities. Buyers are urged to catch off-plan opportunities at the earliest stages in order to optimise their returns on investment. Due to the fact that in the current climate lending is heavily restricted, there is a now strong demand for rental property of all types, making buy-to-let investment a lucrative option.

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