Profits are soaring for those savvy investors
By Roxanne James

UK Income-Generating Property to Top Asset Class in 2015

The global investment landscape has changed considerably in recent years and nowhere more so than in the UK. Changes to pension regulations coming into force in April look set to bring about a surge of new property investors, as savers become entitled to spend their pension pots as they wish.

Michael Holliday of Residential Estates said: "The UK property investment market has grown in strength over the last year and is showing no signs of slowing down. With low purchase prices and properties continuing to grow annually, profits are soaring for those savvy investors understanding the importance of investing in UK property right now. Not only that but with the UK Government's recent pension changes applying from April this year, pension savers will be able to spend their pension more freely and invest in the lucrative property market".

Income-generating property assets such as mixed-use residential and student accommodation have risen in popularity in the last year, now widely considered the investment of choice for smaller investors. The most attractive aspect of this type of investment is that while you are generating an income from rentals, your property is increasing in intrinsic value.

A particularly good example of a high-yielding income-generating asset is Adelphi Wharf. Located in Manchester, the best-performing UK city in 2014, the growth potential for investments in this area is significant.

Adelphi Wharf is a stylish development providing luxurious living within close proximity of Manchester's thriving business hub. There are many reasons to choose Manchester as an investment destination, rather well presented in the infographic by

Manchester property investment reasons to invest in greater Manchester

Mr Holliday continued, "Manchester was the best-performing city in the UK last year, with an average capital growth rate of 21% and a 5% year-on-year average rental growth rate. In comparison to London, the entry prices of properties in Manchester are relatively low; especially when buying off-plan. The latest investment opportunity in Manchester is that of Adelphi Wharf. The luxurious riverfront development is set in a rather special location of Greater Manchester; balancing both country and city life".

"With a guaranteed net rental yield of 6.08% and at a very low entry price of £94,996, the investment opportunity is sure to generate huge profits for investors worldwide. The demand for this development has already been incredibly high." To find out more about this lucrative income-generating investment, download a brochure by clicking HERE.


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