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Search for Property in USAOn these pages you can view a range of homes for sale in USA and find your ideal property in the USA. Whichever type of property you are looking for, inland or on the coastal, an apartment or a luxury villa, this section will assist you in your search.

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Investment Property in USA

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Guide to Property in USA

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Property News in USA

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Investment Research in USA

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Investment Locations

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Buying a property in the USA is an attractive proposition for many homebuyers and investors, which is hardly surprising when we consider the favourable rate of exchange between the dollar, sterling and Euro allowing increased buying power for many property purhcasers in the USA. With exciting entertainment on offer, areas of natural beauty and a sunny climate, certain regions of the USA such as Florida and Las Vegas have long been attractive holiday destinations.

In recent years the USA has been popular amongst British buyers, after France and Spain, with the added advantage of English as the main language. Many purchasers are buying homes in prudently selected locations of the USA that will give them valuable long term profits as well as a growing rental market for their investments. A home in the USA with all the facilities available fulfils the aspirations of many property buyers both from financial and lifestyle perspectives.

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An Online USA Real Estate Showroom - Showcasing Some of The Best USA Property Deals!

Our online property showroom includes property in USA and offers a wide choice of searchable USA property opportunities. These range from luxury villas, apartments, townhouses and penthouses to plots of land for you to choose from.

USA Property Market Overview

The USA is a continent rather than a country and its vast expanse includes every climate type from the frozen areas of Alaska through the desert climate of Las Vegas to the tropical paradise of Florida. The most popular property areas for visitors to the USA are Florida and Las Vegas - these trends are governed by the accessibility of these regions by air from Europe and the popularity of these locations as warm winter holiday destinations for many Americans. Florida is not only a property hotspot for Britons, but for many Germans and North and South Americans too. The popularity of attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, more than 1,000 golf courses and the Vegas casinos attract visitors from all over the world and boost a healthy demand for rental properties in these areas.

The top property hotspot of the USA has to be Florida, which attracts more than 40 million tourists per year and is still among the world’s top tourist destinations. Although the property market has slowed, the advantage is that prices are comparatively low and represent a good investment both for the property investor and those seeking a second home.

Property Investment in USA

Despite a recent market slowdown, there many buyers remain in the framework and USA property is still considered by many to be a lucrative form of investment. An advantage of the slower market is that prices are being held steady and give new investors the opportunity to buy into the market. The exceptional rate of exchange between the dollar and sterling, as well as the euro, makes the USA a really exciting investment opportunity, offering buyers good value for their outlay. Properties should be chosen in optimum rental locations in and around main tourist attractions to maximise rental returns. Florida and Las Vegas are regions without off-seasons, while the buy-to-let market in these locations is extremely popular with Britons.

When considering an investment area, it is essential to have clear guidance, as with property ventures anywhere in the world, there could be pitfalls, which need to be avoided.

Reasons why property in the USA is a good investment

  • Varied climate and long coast line, with regions to suit all tastes and needs
  • Plentiful and cheap accessibility by air from Europe makes visiting properties easy
  • High tourism numbers, more than 40 million tourists per year, create a strong rental market
  • Comparatively low prices enable buyers to maximise on their purchasing power
  • Excellent capital returns in certain select areas
  • Homes are built to a high standard
  • A transparent and straight forward buying process
  • English is the official language enabling buyers to readily understand what they are doing
  • A secure and politically stable country
  • An abundance of outdoor pursuits including skiing, walking, cycling and water sports of all types
  • High quality and standard of living
  • Favourable exchange rate between the dollar and sterling (typically 1GBP = 1.93 USD)

Homebuyers in USA

Traditionally the majority of homebuyers in the USA are those who buy-to-let. However this market is also supported by purchasers who, despite the obstacles, are determined to emigrate or retire in the States. This determination is stimulated by the climate and lifestyle especially in areas such as Florida for retirees and the quality of education for families wishing to emigrate to a better life. The excellent build quality and a straightforward buying process, are other factors that influence the decision to buy property in the USA.

Long-term capital growth in key locations, give property investors great reassurance in a worthwhile investment.

USA Property Hotspots

USA property is on offer at all prices to suit all budgets, from the well heeled to more modest pockets, but there is no doubt that the best hotspot is the one that suits the buyers needs. Currently Florida and Las Vegas are high demand locations, especially for the buy-to-let market owing to the shorter flight times to Europe. There is a rising market in the counties surrounding New York, although property within the Big Apple itself remains beyond the reach of most buyers.

Coastal properties and locations where there is access to lakes or rivers remain hot favourites with buyers. Purchasers who are thinking of immigration also go where they will find the best job opportunities, climate and education to suit their needs; Florida and California remain top choices for these buyers.

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