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The USA has long been a popular location for international property investors seeking a stable economy in which to invest. Many popular tourist locations today offer high investment potential to foreign purchasers.

Property in USA currently comes in as number three in British buyers’ top property destinations, after France and Spain. This can largely be put down to the fact that, in accordance with its immense size, the USA boasts an abundance of opportunities for investors in search of all kinds of attractions, from beaches to ski resorts, or from exciting cities or theme parks to golf paradises.

A modern nation famed for the sheer scale and modern quality of just about any aspect of living, the USA is a popular destination for those seeking a part of the American Dream. Air connections to the USA are numerous and well priced, making for a viable foreign destination in which to purchase a second home or indeed invest in the USA’s booming tourist market.

Despite an apparent slowdown in the US real estate market compared to previous years, property purchased in popular locations such as Disney’s Orlando or rich and glitzy Las Vegas today can often fetch very healthy returns of around 30% per annum. Mini emerging markets and otherwise hidden investment opportunities centred in and around these areas also produce some excellent returns. Many luxury holiday homes are now helping to boost the ever increasing demand for tourist accommodation to serve the USA’s overwhelming and ever growing visitor numbers, currently topping 4 million per annum.

It is easy for foreigners to purchase property in USA, while a tried and tested, transparent system is in place, making property an enticing option, particularly as current Sterling and Euro rates are allowing investors to stretch to purchasing properties that would otherwise be beyond their reach. And Property in USA

Our clients will be receiving some encouraging returns from early purchase into condos in the USA and we are able to offer you expertly vetted condos at unbeatable prices.

As a solid political and economic arena, the USA continues to be a firm favourite with investors the world over, all looking to buy into an amazingly strong country with a wide array of attractions to tempt them back each year.

As the world’s largest economy, the USA offers giant-sized potential to clients looking for a solid economic climate in which to purchase their property. Despite economic losses during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and Republican losses in the mid-term elections, USA still has much to offer investors. A recent rise in interest rates has slowed down the market somewhat in certain locations, while many investors are regarding this state of affairs as an ideal opportunity in which to buy at reasonable prices. These purchasers are choosing carefully within the favourite, buzzing tourist locations where values are continuing to rise.

The American quality of life and wide variety in climate and lifestyle options continue to draw investors and holiday makers to buy USA property each year.

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USA Property Buyers Guide

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Currency Exchange in the USA

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This section helps clarify many of the most common queries property purchasers have regarding buying real estate in USA.
USA Property News

USA Property News

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USA Tax Information

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USA Property Investment

After France and Spain, the USA is a highly popular investment destination for British buyers. Investors rely on a strong and growing tourist demand for accommodation in well established, key locations. This is their investment vehicle to high returns, both in the form of buy-to-let yields and in excellent growth on their carefully selected investments.

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