USA Investment Growth

USA investments can offer a promising future, provided they are chosen in the right arena. Find out below what makes USA property a strong investment today.

USA property is in high demand in certain ideal holiday hotspots such as Kissimmee, Davenport and south Clermont in Orlando on the doorstep of Disney World. Condo-hotels are very popular choices, where owners enjoy the facilities of the hotel and usually have their unit signed into the hotel rental programme. Today rental yields in key tourist locations such as these stand at approximately 12% per annum, while figures are expected to remain as stable as the strong tourist industry they support. With a year-round tourist season, buy-to-let opportunities are highly popular, particularly with British investors.

In terms of capital growth, investors are facing the realities of dropping property prices (average 25% p.a.). They are happy to buy extremely low and ride the economic storm, in anticipation of a revival in the market, a situation which, according to many analysts, will inevitably start to take effect around late 2010.

USA Economy

The current economic crisis in the USA has indeed hindered short term property investment growth, however, many investors with money to spend see this as the perfect opportunity to buy into some strong investments in carefully sought after tourist locations, where they will gain excellent returns over the medium to long term.

Reasons Why the USA is an Intelligent Property Investment Location:

  • A climate that varies from freezing winters in the North to mild year round sunshine elsewhere. The USA has something to offer all tastes, from sun seekers to skiers alike.
  • A low cost of living with a broad range of choice makes the USA a consumer paradise.
  • A tourist industry hosting over 40 million visitors per year fuels a healthy rental market.
  • Internal migration from the north to south stimulates the need for long-term rental homes in certain regions such as Florida and Las Vegas.
  • The legal and buying process is highly developed and transparent which gives the buyer added confidence.
  • Certain regions have not been exploited yet and, with the right advice, some offer the investor a chance to tap into an emerging market.
  • Selected off-plan schemes give the investor the opportunity for added capital growth from exceptionally low entry prices.
  • A variety of building types offers investors a selection of properties from stand-alone homes to units in condo-hotels.
  • The USA offers an enviable lifestyle with a variety of options to suit all needs including every type of outdoor sport.
  • Easy access via direct flights from many international airports.

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