USA Natural Factors

The USA with its variety of climate and geographical characteristics has many factors that make it an attractive area for property purchasers. Here you can read about some of the natural features that bring so many people to its shores.

Natural Beauty

Stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches in addition to a large number of National Parks have always attracted people to the USA. In spite of its large population, there are many places where those who want to escape the crowds and civilisation can find nature “in the raw” and enjoy the simple pleasures of walking, cycling, camping or fishing.

From skiing in the Rockies, to the vast wetlands of the Florida Keys there is an array of vegetation and enough scenic beauty to fulfil the dreams of any adventurer.


Climate throughout the USA differs according to region there is a type of weather to suit everyone. The temperate climate of the East Coast offers warm summers with spectacular autumn changes especially in the areas around the Vermont. Winters in this region can be very cold with heavy snowfalls. The Midwest has a lower rainfall and summers are often very hot, although winters, in contrast, are frequently very fierce.

Heavy winter snow in several regions means there are many parts where skiing is good and this is a highly popular sport in the USA. Superb ski resorts are found both in the eastern and western regions of the country.

Further south, around Florida and Louisiana the climate is tropical with hot, humid summers and dry, warm winters making the area popular with Northerners who go south to get away from the winter chill.


The diversity of climate is a great influence on lifestyle and offers everyone their chosen pass time. The USA boasts a very sophisticated designer lifestyle on offer at one level and a more down to earth outdoor lifestyle at the other. The cost of living is comparatively low and people in the USA are friendly which, coupled with the fact that everyone speaks English, makes it easy for new comers to integrate into a community.


USA culture has been influenced by the many nations that have populated the country. Each region has something different to offer as can be seen from the differing styles of art there are. California is famously the home of movies, yet beneath the glitz there is the culture of the vineyards and the people who brought them to the States. Music abounds and there are concerts and dance from philharmonic orchestras and ballet through to jazz and the simplest of folklore music. In between there is the gamut of modern pop and rock with well known performers throughout the world.


Low cost airlines with cheap transatlantic flights have brought the USA very close to Europe making it easy for property investors to visit their properties. The country has an abundance of airports with international airports in Florida, New York and California among many other highly popular regions.

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