Affordable Holiday Homes in Orlando
By Maria Thermann

Affordable Holiday Homes in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is the theme park capital of the world. Every year thousands of tourists visit Altamonte Springs Water Park, Sea World® Orlando, Walt Disney World® Resort, LEGOLAND® Florida and Universal Orlando Resort to name but some of the many tourist attractions visitors find in Orlando. Despite this high influx of tourists it is still possible to discover reasonably priced holiday homes and houses suitable for retirement.

Throughout the year, Orlando hosts many events that are not only suitable for families with children, but also attract the international foodie scene. For the past twelve years, Orlando has hosted the Magical Dining Month, which typically starts on or around 24th August and ends on 30th September. This popular event aims to showcase the wide range of cuisine offered by Orlando's award-winning restaurants. It's a good time to visit and discover what type of properties are available for the budget you have and which neighbourhood provides the best amenities to tourists, if you are planning to let out the property for all or part of the year.

Depending on how close the property is to the main attractions, prices range from US$ 130,000 to $335,000 for four-bedroom resale homes in good condition. A good selection of Orlando properties with three bedrooms can be found on a budget of $240,000 to $275,000. If you are looking to invest in a condo, these range from $59,000 for an older, one-bedroom property to $95,000 for two-bedroom properties in good condition.

It is possible to find plots of land that are ready to build on for around $24,400, allowing you to build your dream home from scratch or for an investor to create a modern, comfortable holiday home that can be let out for most of the year.

Apart from the initial purchase price and the usual utility bills, home owners must pay an annual property tax, (please see for information).

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