Tampa in Florida's Hillsborough County
By Maria Thermann

Tampa in Florida's Hillsborough County

Tampa is a major city on the west coast of Florida, the third largest in the Sun Shine State. It is accessible via Tampa International Airport, which is only 5 miles north west of Downtown Tampa. Tampa is located in the Tampa Bay area and lies approximately 200 miles from Miami and just 20 miles north east of St Petersburg.

The city offers tourists and residents many attractions such as Tampa Zoo or Busch Gardens, an African-themed amusement park. The local economy is based partly on tourism, but also on technology, construction, finance and healthcare, as well as the Port of Tampa, where cruise ships provide a steady influx of visitors. Tampa is also linked to the rest of Florida via Union Station.

Tampa property differs widely and there is plenty of choice, from modern 3-bedroom apartments starting at around $100,000 to resale homes that need a little updating starting at around $195,000. It's a good place to invest, but also a city with many opportunities for a new start and a life in Florida.

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