There's something for everyone in France
By Roxanne James

British Buyers to Extend Foray into French Real Estate in 2016

A new trend emerged from British property investors last year which is set to continue well into 2016. In response to the harsh economic climate in the UK and spiralling house prices, more buyers than ever are hopping across the Channel to go house-hunting and getting much more for their money in France.

Getting on the property ladder in the UK has become increasingly difficult and first time buyers are finding that they are able to buy quality real estate in France that satisfies their desire for an investment in bricks and mortar, while providing them with fantastic rental potential.

The fact is, you can buy a sprawling countryside retreat in France for the same price as a bedsit in Central London which has proved extremely tempting to British buyers. France is brimming with beautiful properties from class French chateaux, traditional mansion houses and rustic gites in the countryside.

The other bonus for investors in second homes in France is the country's proximity to Britain and the fact that you can easily visit your property at the drop of a hat at the weekends. With the strength of the pound against the euro at the current time, property in France has not been as cheap for British buyers for years, making now the right time to strike if you want to take advantage of this perennially popular property investment destination.

The French Riviera is one of the most prestigious parts of France, famous around the world as a millionaires' playground and glorious beaches. However, not many people know that you can buy properties in the area from as little as €250,000 – currently around £184,000 which is £20,000 less than the national average house price in the UK.

Another factor that will encourage more property buyers to explore the market in France is the introduction of a further 3% stamp duty in the UK for individuals buying British property for investment. This will place a huge financial constraint on those looking to enter the buy to let market and in order to avoid the possible impact of the tax on yields more investors will look overseas for property bargains.

There's something for everyone in France and with excellent transport links to the UK, it's a destination that you can visit quickly and cheaply. Not only is France a great destination to buy a holiday home as one of the most visited countries in the world, it is also a great country for permanent living. With property as cheap as it is right now and with the pound riding high against the euro, it's a case of having to strike while the iron's hot if you want to bag a bargain in one of 2016s most popular property market.

Don't lose money on taxes in London, as we head in to 2016 experts are predicting changes to the UK property market resulting in many buyers taking advantage of the amazing opportunities available in France. With many luxury properties for sale My-French-House offers you an alternative to your London lifestyle, imagine summer vacations, long weekends and winter breaks in some of the most exclusive areas and prestigious homes in France.

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