International Property Investment

Investment in international property is becoming increasingly popular as every international market caters specifically for the individual requirements of its investors. Markets vary enormously; some require high entry financial exposure while achieving excellent returns, while others offer lower financial exposure.

Many factors need to be taken into account when choosing your property investment locations. Currently some Eastern European countries are offering outstanding value for money but the current political and economic situation makes it an unwise investment at this time. We carefully select the locations in which to offer you international investment property. Below you will find a detailed investment research section outlining why each of our international property markets are currently seen as intelligent options for property investment.

The locations below feature unique factors that lend themselves to a particular type of investor. We advise you to take time to look at the investment information or contact us to speak with an advisor who will be glad to help.

International property investment is generally seen as the most reliable source of return on investment today. Large investors often look to add diversity to their international property portfolios by spreading their investments globally over several property markets.

Australia Flag

Australia Property & Investment Opportunities

Australia's natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle continue to draw visitors while investors in Australian property can still find some excellent buys with high growth rates in many key locations. A solid and growing economic climate complement the property market as a highly promising investment arena.

Investment Property Australia
Brazil Flag

Brazil Property & Investment Opportunities

Brazil is predicted to be the next major investment property hotspot. This beautiful country offers more than just stunning beaches. With property and land prices currently very low, interest is now high with experienced investors.

Investment Property Brazil
Bulgaria Flag

Bulgaria Property & Investment Opportunities

The relatively new international property investment hot-spot of Bulgaria is attracting investors from all over the world. Property prices are very low and investors expect these prices to rise steeply inline with other European property markets.

Investment Property Bulgaria
Cape Verde Flag

Cape Verde Property & Investment Opportunities

Cape Verde offers a unique chance for investors to invest at the first stage of whats sure to be one of the worlds major tourist resorts. Property prices are now very interesting and set to rise drastically with the start of direct UK flights in Nov 2006

Investment Property Cape Verde
Cyprus Flag

Cyprus Property & Investment Opportunities

Cyprus has been growing as an investment property hotspot. Its inclusion into the EU, UK legal system and excellent property prices now make Cyprus an excellent and safe investment, with growing rental demand.

Investment Property Cyprus
Dubai Flag

Dubai Property & Investment Opportunities

Outstanding architectural wonders, endless shopping and sports facilities, along with rapid economic growth make Dubai a top overseas tourism and property investment destination. A fast-growing cosmopolitan population is taking over the city, benefiting from the winning combination of top-end luxury and innovation, all within an endearingly tax-free investment arena.

Investment Property Dubai
Egypt Flag

Egypt Property & Investment Opportunities

Egypt offers great potential for investment property purchasers today. A well established tourist location with a developed infrastructure, Egypt is currently undergoing an economic growth spurt, and new developments are springing up, particularly within the major resorts. This supports an increased number of international visitors and investors seeking to enjoy the exotic charms of Egypt, while profiting from high returns on investment on today's bargain property prices.

Investment Property Egypt
England Flag

England Property & Investment Opportunities

Investment in English property is now a relatively pricy option, but chosen in the right location, it can provide a lucrative investment arena. Successful investors are concentrating on new developments within London and other major city centres and particularly good returns on investment are coming from the commercial property sector as well as chic residential properties to house city workers. In the light of today’s slowing market and rising interest rates, buy-to-let investment is creating some strong medium to long term profits.

Investment Property England
France Flag

France Property & Investment Opportunities

France's chic sophistication never fails to attract visitors and this has contributed to its success as the world's top tourist destination today. A modern culture and excellent infrastructure, in addition to a stable political and economic climate all offer property purchasers in many key areas of France a lucrative investment option.

Investment Property France
Italy Flag

Italy Property & Investment Opportunities

European purchasers enjoy easy flight and road connections to their properties in Italy, many of whom value the great natural and cultural beauty the country has to offer. With a rich cultural heritage and the Italian quintessential sense of style and vibrancy, Italy offers property purchasers a strong tourist market in which to invest or simply enjoy a beautiful environment for their holiday or retirement homes.

Investment Property Italy
Malaysia Flag

Malaysia Property & Investment Opportunities

This is a top Asian destination in terms of economic growth and property investment potential. With new developments now being built at exceedingly low prices, property purchasers in Malaysia look forward to strong capital growth within a modern, beautiful and culturally rich country.

Investment Property Malaysia
Morocco Flag

Morocco Property & Investment Opportunities

Property in Morocco is becoming more and more popular with very high class exclusive resorts being constructed and sold at prices that are very competitive. Property investors see Morocco as a real investment hotspot

Investment Property Morocco
Portugal Flag

Portugal Property & Investment Opportunities

Tourists and property purchasers are drawn to Portugal due to its relaxed, modern lifestyle, warm climate, proximity to the rest of Europe and relatively low property prices and cost of living. A solid economic and political climate, along with new opportunities within both mature and emerging areas of the country, all contribute to Portugal's current success as a property investment market.

Investment Property Portugal
South Africa Flag

South Africa Property & Investment Opportunities

Foreign property investors in South Africa are today taking advantage of benefits such as tax breaks and a low rate of the Rand. Steady economic expansion and a growing middle class is fuelling the strong demand for more holiday properties, while increased international tourism is being boosted by government incentives to encourage further foreign investors into the country. All indications suggest that South Africa is currently a highly lucrative property investment opportunity.

Investment Property South Africa
Spain Flag

Spanish Property & Investment Opportunities

Investment in Spanish property has traditionally seen excellent returns for investors. There is no sign of this slowing, with property values still appreciating and a huge demand for rental property to cater for Spains massive tourist industry.

Investment Property Spain
Thailand Flag

Thailand Property & Investment Opportunities

Property investment in Thailand is now in full swing with property investors buying for financial gain and many buyers looking to relocate or for holiday purposes. The stunning scenery and low prices make it an obvious choice.

Investment Property Thailand
Turkey Flag

Turkish Property & Investment Opportunities

Property in Turkey has recently appeared on the International property radar. Current property prices in Turkey are very attractive and tourism is increasing with projected growth of great interest to investors worldwide.

Investment Property Turkey
USA Flag

USA Property & Investment Opportunities

US Real Estate is as diverse as the USA itself. Most interest is for the sunny Florida area offering beautiful sunshine and beaches. USA Property in Florida is of interest to investors due to the huge rental attraction of the area.

Investment Property USA
Argentina Flag

Argentina Property & Investment Opportunities

Property in Argentina offers excellent value for money and for this reason is becoming a target for international property investors. In our Argentinian property section you can take a look at available property.

Argentina Flag

Austria Property & Investment Opportunities

Careful property investment in Austria offers high growth potential in both the tourist resorts in the mountains and the major cities, including Vienna, where a strong commercial and residential property rental market is in operation. As a member of the EU, Austria represents a solid and safe investment arena for many purchasers. A lower cost of living than in most fellow EU states adds to Austria's attraction.

Bahamas Flag

Bahamas Property & Investment Opportunities

Bahamas property represents a dream for people across the world. The Bahamas is famous for its stunning beaches and climate and a favourite with couples. With property here so popular investors seek to take advantage.

Belize Flag

Belize Property & Investment Opportunities

Belize's highly affordable property prices and an established tourist trade are strong attractions for property investors. As a tax haven, Belize offers highly lucrative options for investors in real estate who will pay no capital gains or inheritance taxes, while property taxes are very low. Belize is independent and economically and politically stable, further attracting investor confidence to its stable property investment market.

Croatia Flag

Croatia Property & Investment Opportunities

Investors in property in Croatia are buying into a growing tourist economy in many coastal holiday resorts, including golf and marina developments, while prices remain incredibly low and growth of around 15% per annum is achievable in hotspots such as Split and Istria. Now an independent and well established country, Croatia is attracting increased numbers of foreign purchasers, all eager to take advantage of a safe and strong investment arena.

Czech Republic Flag

Czech Republic Property & Investment Opportunities

As an EU member with a Westernised, modern economy, the Czech Republic is a strong investment location with property in prime areas such as the best districts of Prague fetching around 15% per annum in capital appreciation and this is supplemented by healthy rental yields of between 8 to 9% per annum. The executive end of the Prague property market is on par with London, Paris or Madrid, but still at a fraction of the price, making the Czech Republic a highly promising investment location.

Dominican Republic Flag

Dominican Republic Property & Investment Opportunities

The Dominican Republic offers Carribbean property at some of the most competitive prices. Property investors are looking to the Dominican Republic to achieve good rental returns from the huge increase in demand from tourists to this area.

Estonia Flag

Estonia Property & Investment Opportunities

Growing numbers of international property investors are buying in Estonia with a view to cashing in on the high capital growth Estonia has been enjoying in recent years. While growth remains high, it is now levelling off at 9 to 12 % per annum. With the economy and employment figures on the up, locals are looking to buy their own properties with the assistance of widely available low interest rate mortgages. Overseas investors are now buying up off-plan and new property to supply this new demand.

Germany Flag

Germany Property & Investment Opportunities

As the third largest economy in the world, foreign purchase of property in Germany offers steady investment potential, particularly in the cities where high rental yields can be generated. With a high standard of living and GDP predicted to reach 2.5% in 2007, Germany is widely considered to be one of Europe's hottest long-term property investment hotspots.

Greece Flag

Greece Property & Investment Opportunities

For many, Greece is synonymous with crystal blue waters, warm sunshine and happy, friendly people. With tourism accounting for 15% of Greek GDP, investors concentrate on buy-to-let and large scale hotels as vehicles to fuel safe investments within a strong tourist market. Property prices are still at a fraction of those in other favourites like France or Spain, making Greece a highly affordable and lucrative investment option.

Hungary Flag

Hungary Property & Investment Opportunities

With full membership of the European Union on its side, Hungary's success as one of the fastest growing world economies is taking leaps and bounds. The adoption of the euro in 2010 leaves investors anticipating interesting results. Hungary is now a highly desirable country in which to invest either in ski and lake resorts or in Budapest where latest figures show some 5,000 property investments were made by foreigners last year.

India Flag

India Property & Investment Opportunities

Currently there is an undersupply of high quality housing and commercial premises in the city centres, making India a viable option for property investment. Many large corporate and IT companies are based in developing cities and large scale quality construction is underway to accommodate these enterprises and their workers. Land investments are therefore also highly lucrative at the present time.

Kenya Flag

Kenya Property & Investment Opportunities

Investor benefits such as lack of exchange controls, low tax levels and availability of local mortgages attract property investors to Kenya. As one of the most industrialised countries in East Africa, Kenya provides a solid arena for foreign property buyers, who are free to buy without restrictions; in fact, today the Kenyan government is actively targeting foreign direct investment for the creation of employment and business opportunities in Kenya.

Malta Flag

Malta Property & Investment Opportunities

Malta offers a healthy market in which to invest by virtue of its well established tourist industry and a stable economy. Although the property market slowed at the end of 2003 around the time of the budget, Malta's entry into the EU is expected to have a long-term, positive impact on Malta's economy. While the tourist and second home markets expand in Malta, demand is increasing for property on the island, a highly sought after investment, and limited supply of property on this small island is driving prices upwards.

Mexico Flag

Mexico Property & Investment Opportunities

Tourist hotspots provide strong rental markets for investors in properties located in the popular resorts such as Cancun and Acapulco. The government has introduced investment opportunities and incentives allowing international investors to purchase real estate that was formally restricted to local buyers only, including prime land for tourism development along the coastal regions.

Montenegro Flag

Montenegro Property & Investment Opportunities

Montenegro is an interesting property investment proposition as it positions itself for EU accession talks in the near future. Buying in at very low prices today, overseas investors are counting on Montenegro's long term promise as an emerging market while it prepares itself for a bid for eventual EU membership. With the country's economy undergoing growth along with foreign direct investment, the Montenegro property market promises to be an exciting long-term investment as well as a strong buy-to-let option in cities and popular tourist resorts today.

New Zealand Flag

New Zealand Property & Investment Opportunities

International awareness of New Zealand’s appeal as a property and holiday location is on the increase. While GDP figures are high, property purchasing power in New Zealand is strong. Prices continue to creep upwards and despite a rise in interest rates, demand for real estate still remains high across the country from both tourists and foreign professionals alike. Recently introduced rental legislation ensures that rentals are safer and fairer for both landlords and tenants, making buy-to-let investment in New Zealand an excellent choice to supply a growing demand for rental property amongst those first time buyers who are currently priced out of the property market in New Zealand.

Nicaragua Flag

Nicaragua Property & Investment Opportunities

Nicaragua has seen a huge increase in foreign investment in recent years, along with a surge in its tourist industry, all due to a number of government incentive schemes to improve the country's economy and infrastructure. A wealth of superb beaches currently brings in record numbers of visitors, in turn encouraging further activity from real estate developers and investors, all looking to profit from Nicaragua's growing economy and promising property investment market.

Panama Flag

Panama Property & Investment Opportunities

A favourable tax regime and the government's resolve to develop the country's tourist industry are contributing to the growth of overseas property investment in Panama. The cost of living is affordable, the climate is superb and a busy business community in the city all make Panama a highly attractive investment destination. Panama now strives to grow more desirable and economically strong for the future – for the long term investor, Panama City property is considered to be a profitable investment.

Poland Flag

Poland Property & Investment Opportunities

Property in Poland offers property investors a strong market in which to purchase city properties and supply a growing demand for both residential and commercial properties in and around booming business districts. A multi-faceted country with picturesque Medieval spirit blended with modern day professionalism, Poland is currently offering purchasers a highly lucrative property market in which to invest.

Romania Flag

Romania Property & Investment Opportunities

Property in Romania is currently well priced and due to see price rises of around 30% in 2007 with new EU membership. Romania's year-round attractions including Europe's cheapest skiing, hiking, churches, stunning countryside and wildlife are attracting tourists to the country, while a growing EU based economy has made it top A Place n the Sun's 2006 list of European investments.

Slovakia Flag

Slovakia Property & Investment Opportunities

Due to recent economic reforms, Slovakia entered both the EU and NATO in 2004, creating a more reliable property market than ever before. Extremely low prices and a conveniently central location offer property investors in Slovakia a healthy market with growth of approx. 20% per annum in high demand areas.

United Arab Emirates Flag

United Arab Emirates Property & Investment Opportunities

Real estate in the UAE attracts high growth rates and excellent rental yields in key locations. Backed by government funded property projects, much of the real estate in the UAE is a safe option as it attracts top developers and constructions companies. As a consequence, properties available for purchase are famous for their extremely high quality.

Vietnam Flag

Vietnam Property & Investment Opportunities

Overseas investment in property in Vietnam is escalating while local affordability is also on the increase. Since various changes to fiscal and real estate investment laws in 2006, property in Vietnam has become an easier option to foreigners and many believe that Vietnam will become the next Thailand as a retirement and holiday home hotspot. Tourist figures are rocketing and new, highly affordable five star golf resorts are currently being built to further boost the property investment market.

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